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Call 347-656-1704 or Email
We Service all areas of NYC, and the greater Metropolitan Area. Personal / Commercial needs We offer Office Moving, Transportation, Relocation and Commercial Logistic Solutions. From single items, small to medium office moves and moving requests. Local and Long Distance.



Need a bunch of wood loaded?

Moving Pinwheels?

Need to move some pinwheel to the middle of nowhere? We'll do it for you!
No matter how weird you are,  we can help you!

Anything You Can Fit In The Van

We can fit a giant sculpture made of old records into the van!

Thank you for helping out my friend. She was amazed by your service.

Good luck, and enjoy this rainy day!

Midori O.
Do you need to place a plastic rock with a boat rope tied to it? we can do that!

Thanks for the move. in retrospect. i thought martin did a great job, so would have liked to have tip him more. i was definitely frustrated by Mikko at points.

Anyhow, it w as a good move. good luck w growing your business

Do you ever find yourself needing to put a table with a pile of bread in a van? don't worry

"The Mattresses"

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for the Friday move. We couldn't have asked for a faster or more professional crew. You guys really made our moving day 10 times easier than I thought it was gonna be. I will definitely be recommending you guys to everyone I know. 

Thanks Again,

"The Bag Sculpture"

Need to move a giant sculpture made out of bags?.. We can move it..
This sculpture was created by Freestyle Arts Association and moved by Centaur Moving...
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The Homocide Detective

       Tony needed to move quickly, all is things were stuffed in clear plastic garbage bags, dozens of them, along with suitcases and random kitchen objects not yet packed, still sitting on a table that needed moving.  He was tall, mild mannered, spoke quietly, looked you straight in the eyes as he talked.   Marvin and myself shuffled the clear plastic bags into the van.  I noticed NYPD jackets, shoes, hats, mugs, and pictures of cops smiling hidden  beneath civilian cloths and piles of objects randomly packed in a chaotic mess.
      He wore a hat that looked like hats under cover cops where.  It went well with his Yankees coat that looked suspiciously cop like when worn with the hat.  The last objects placed in the van were a few old prints of paintings, a framed picture of what looked Tony hauling a man to prison in hand cuffs, and some medals. After we packed everything in the van Tony looked me and Marvin in the eyes and asked if we were finished and  ready to go.  He was sizing us up, figuring if he could trust a couple guys and a van with his life stuffed in bags
       As we drove away, Marvin driving, me in the back seat talking on the phone, and Tony in the passenger seat, I asked him if he was a Cop.  Tony said he was a retired homicide detective, on the force twenty years before retiring while pursuing an unsolved case.  It was the first unsolved case of his career, he explained while trailing off and gazing into the windshield, clearly tortured by the case. Changing the subject he asked Marvin and I what we did when we weren't moving, distracting us from the unsolved case.  Marvin told him all about his singing, jazz, performance career, I told him I solve cases.
      I went back to the subject of homicide as quickly as possible.  I asked Tony what the case was about.  He broke down his shield of silence and told me a bag with chopped up body parts was found in the subway tunnels.  It was stuffed in an MTA transit worker bag.  Only 15 bags were made of this kind for this particular subway station.  He was convinced it was a homicidal transit worker.  He explained the case was closed because there wasn't enough evidence to go after anyone in particular.  I asked him if it could be a random person that happened to find a transit worker bag, murdered the victim in an unidentified location, chopped the subject into pieces at his home, and than threw the bag in the subway tunnel on his way out of town?..
     Tony said no way.  The murderer would have to be a transit worker because after one murders someone, the perpetrator always dumps the body in a familiar place.  A safe place.  If one wasn't familiar with a subway tunnel, one wouldn't dump a dead cut up body their. ne would need to feel comfortable dumping the body.
      At that point we were stuck in traffic, apparently being blocked in by some undercover cops in an unmarked car. Tony got out of the van, flashed an old badge, told them he was a retired homicide detective and needed us to move him quickly. The undercover cops let us go ahead of them in traffic.. We moved Tony successfully and possibly solved the case.

End of March moves

Myles helps clean out Vanessa's apartment

We help her take things down stairs

 getting stuff in and out of the van